Privacy Policy

I, Emily Suzanne Young, am registered as a sole trader. I operate as The Loughborough Pen, offering copy-editing and proofreading services to academics and students in higher education. This privacy policy describes what data I require and how I use it. It was last updated on 16th January 2019.

What information do I collect from you and why?

When you contact me, I request the following:

  • your name

  • your email address for me to respond to you

  • project details and sample (though sometimes this is not provided at this stage)

If we agree to work together, I collect the following additional information:

  • postal address to be used on invoices to fulfil my contractual obligations to HMRC (the UK tax authority)

  • file(s) required for the work

Where do I store the data?

Emails are stored on my password-protected email account. I do not have an external address book.

For the duration of my work on your project, files are stored on my computer’s hard disk. Following completion of the work, they are then stored on the Google Drive account associated with my email account, though if you do not want me to do this, I can delete it should you ask me to.

How long do I keep the data for?

Your personal data, i.e. name and address, is kept for a minimum of seven years to comply with my obligations to HMRC, the UK tax authority.

Unless requested otherwise, I will keep your files for the same length of time, though I am able to delete them sooner on request.

Do I share your data?

Unless I am audited by HMRC, I do not share your data with anyone.

If you agree to write a testimonial for my website or other promotional material, I will include your name and the details specifically provided at that time.

I do not subcontract work, nor do I discuss your project with third parties or on the internet/social media without prior permission. If I cannot take on a project, I might provide details of other editors or proofreaders for you to contact.


If you have any questions about what data I have about you or want me to remove you from my systems, please contact me. All contact details are available on my homepage or in the footer of this site.